Meet Melanie

My journey working with clients began with my graduation from the University of Southern California (the number one Physical Therapy Program in the country) with a degree in Physical Therapy in the mid 70‘s. Through the years, I worked in a variety of settings from acute hospitals, a rehabilitation hospital, a large personally owned private practice, and the City of Hope – a National Cancer Institute – designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in California. I progressed from a staff therapist to being the Director at two different hospitals, before starting my own large private Physical Therapy practice clinic with emphasis on orthopedic and musculoskeletal issues.

My interest and career in healing/coaching manifested from my own 6-year experience of infertility in my mid thirties.  After the 6 years of medical treatments, the disappointment of the monthly failure propelled me to find success by activating my own innate healing abilities. I pursued a variety of healing and coaching modalities along with traditional medicine.  While completing a four-year program with the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, the world’s premier institute of specialized holistic health-care, I successfully had three sons in my late 30’s (without traditional medical care solutions) who are now all successful young adults. While finding my calling and personal path in life, I learned a great deal about activating innate healing and manifesting dreams during this infertility journey which provided the foundation of my holistic practice. I understand the power of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, feelings, and attitudes that actually scientifically change physiology. And now there is an abundance of scientific research corroborating the role of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, etc. in every aspect of our lives and in particular health.  

With the combination of working at the City of Hope and training with the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, I developed a specialty working with cancer patients. I have helped clients even with advanced/terminal cancer create their healing journey while being alive 25+ years later. I have worked with a variety of clients over a span of 25+ years.  .

My work with clients has been strengthened by a 40-year career as a Physical Therapist and the additional of trainings in healing and coaching.  I have completed seven formal healing training programs.  I complimented my healing training with a Gold Level Spiritual Life Coach certification and becoming a Certified Visionary Health Care Provider.  Additionally, I have studied the science behind healing and manifestation reading and studying the following:  Radical Remission, Mind Over Medicine, The Biology of Belief, The Intention Experiment, The Law of Attraction, The Secret, Positive Psychology, and multiple Coaching and Healing books and materials. I have successfully combined solid medical and holistic credentials to my unique approach and programs, integrating the latest science including physiology, neuroscience, biology, epigenetics, psychology and quantum physics with spiritual coaching and healing. I help clients transform by finding their calling and life path, developing impeccable self care, tapping into their spiritual selves, becoming authentic, cultivating and using positive emotions like excitement, joy, sense of abundance, gratefulness, passion, fulfillment, connection, alignment, success, empowerment, hope and faith. I have developed training and experience to expertly work with a variety of issues, illnesses, and challenges including:

  • Health issues like: cancer, heart transplant, auto-immune diseases, surgery, infertility, and even death
  • Weight/body image issues
  • Relationship/marital issues,
  • Life transitions,
  • Career changes,
  • Spiritual crisis etc.

I am committed, and find it essential to keep abreast of the latest knowledge and techniques in order to provide my clients the best possible service. I personally “walk the talk” modeling the strategies and enjoying the results of this work. An avid reader, I actively research and study the latest information regarding the scientific findings about consciousness, manifestation mechanics, quantum physics, gene expression, neuroplasticity/neuroscience, health, happiness, and the Law of Attraction.  The research done in just the last decade bridging quantum mechanics, consciousness, biology, physiology, psychology, and spirituality with health, healing, and success in life is very exciting and informative.


Certified Visionary Health Care Provider with Dr. Lissa Rankin’s (author of Mind Over Medicine…Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself) The Whole Health Medicine Institute

Gold Level Certification Empowered Spiritual Life Coach… Coaching from Spirit Institute

Barbara Brennan School of Healing (four year training program) followed by one year of teacher training

Integrative Kabalistic Healing (Four year training program with multiple update graduate seminars)

Chi Kung Healing Touch (one year training program) – The Body Energy Center.

Body Energy Practitioner Training (one year training program) followed by one year of apprentice training at The Body Energy Center.

The Tree of Life School of Kabalistic Healing (one year training program)

Cranial-sacral Therapy (one year training program)

Myofascial Release Training (one year training program)

Multiple Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation Workshops with Abraham-Hicks 

B.S. in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California

Over 4,000 hours of Physical Therapy, Coaching and Healing Continued Education