Can’t I just use the internet research and figure this out myself?

That is a common theme these days with people due to the internet and vast number of available resources. They report feeling frantic as they search the internet, desperately trying to figure out “the answer”. The key here is there isn’t one answer out there and most people don’t have the desire, time and expertise to discover and master this on their own while leaving their life challenge in jeopardy. This kind of frantic searching is stressful and does not create a state of mind conducive to success and transformation.

My approach allows the clients to relax, sit back, learn and implement. All my programs are multidimensional and allow clients to embrace the inner journey of transformation, letting go of the frantic and desperate searching. Now is the time to unleash the desperation and let go of the frantic search and replace it with the feeling of peace that letting go affords.

How does your program work?

After our complimentary consultation and if together we agree to pursue further work, a coaching plan is developed and agreed upon. This program may be a “jumpstart” program of say 3-4 sessions or most commonly a comprehensive program of 12 sessions over a 4-month period. This approach allows for an intense intervention to develop the personal transformational journey. (Because of the tangible transformational success experienced during this period over 90% of clients decide to continue on with more sessions after completion of the 12 sessions!) I work with clients globally, most commonly over the computer (using Skype or FaceTime) or the phone, recording the sessions and emailing links with other supportive written materials after each session. The initial sessions are about 90 minutes in length affording the intensity necessary to quickly install aspects of the program and initiate immediate change. The sessions generally decrease to 75 minutes over time as the program developed.

Who gets the best results with this approach?

The best results are experienced with clients who are ready to invest their time, energy and finances while being committed to changing their life experience. Clients who have had the greatest transformational success did so while learning and employing the tools of manifestation including taking a positive inner and outer journey, connecting with their passion, learning self-healing, and how to manage their energy, positivity, beliefs, thoughts, patterns, and vibrations. During their journey, I partnered with them, modeling and teaching the tools, skills, and strategies helping them experience the transformation in their lives. Remember: MEDITATION is an essential component of the program.

Is there an ideal time to work with you?

I have worked with clients in all stages of life challenges. I would say the sooner the better is optimal. But again your ability to fully embrace the program and dedicate your time with complete participation is key. If you are someone with cancer, I am preferring to work with clients who are in the earlier stages of the disease (Stages 1 or 2) as they tend to have the time and general health to participate fully.

I am interested in working with you to take charge of my life challenges and resultant journey. I have a few questions though. Can I discuss them with you?

First please read through the Transformational Requirements and take the Eligibility Survey.  Then if you still have questions, you may schedule a short strategy session with me personally, and I will assist you in taking charge of your life challenges and journey.

Where can I find out more about your offering?

Review my programs to get more details on how I can help you take charge life challenges journey NOW.

Who is not right for this program?

This is a very important question. Through the years I have come across prospective clients who are not suited for this program and it is important to identify them prior to accepting them into the program. If at this time, they are not ready to truly invest their time, energy and finances in developing their personal path to encompassing this multidimensional approach THIS PROGRAM IS NOT RIGHT for them. For this program to be successful, a client needs to be an active participant, embracing a new way of living and walking this journey.

I once had a prospective client share that she “just wanted her life back, exactly as it was, not really desiring transformation”. This is not the aim of this program. The aim of this program is transformation.

How are fees paid?

Clients often pay in full via personal checks. I also offer easy payment options so you can pay in budget-friendly installments if you prefer.