Eligibility Survey

To assist your exploration to discover if working with me using my approach and programs would benefit, you below your find a short survey.


Take this short survey to honestly evaluate your current suitability and alignment with this program.

This number reflects my willingness to invest time in my personal transformation including meditation, learning and mastering new skills, working on personal commitments between sessions, keeping session appointments, etc….

1           2           3           4           5           6           7           8           9           10

1= I don’t have much time, 10= I am all in

This number reflects my ability to invest my finances in working one-on-one for the length of the agreed program with my coach.

1           2           3           4           5           6           7           8           9           10

1= My funds are limited, 10= I realize the value and deserve it.

This number reflects my willingness to incorporate lifestyle changes and my new skills in my life.

1           2           3           4           5           6           7           8           9           10

1= Change is very difficult for me, 10= I am excited to uncover the new/improved me!

This number reflects my willingness to take care of myself first so I can serve others in my life from a place of abundance rather than lack.

 1           2           3           4           5           6           7           8           9           10

1= I am a caretaker of others first, 10= I look forward to being first on my list

This number reflects my current commitment to myself, this process, transformation, etc. at this time.

 1           2           3           4           5           6           7           8           9           10

1=I am unsure if this is for me at this time, 10= I am ready/excited now to fully commit to my transformation!


If you scored at least a 7-8 on each question, this program and approach are very likely to help you achieve the transformation you are desiring. If you scored lower on one or more of these questions, mostly your decreased commitment would limit your success. For many people a slower, more passive approach like possibly counseling, searching the internet, reading on your own, etc. is currently appropriate. At this point in my long career of Physical Therapy, Healing, and all varieties of Life/Health/Cancer Coaching, my experience has shown me what kind of commitment, dedication, and the variety of skills, techniques, and strategies applied uniquely it takes for real lasting transformation. In that vein, I don’t work with clients who are not in that place of commitment on every level. An example of this is you must plan on dedicating time for meditation regularly! If your life is still filled with excuses of “not enough time”, “I can’t commit the finances”, “I have to take care of others first”, and/or “I don’t want to change my life”… this is not for you. As you grow and change in time this program may be for you, but now it would only frustrate you since you would be at cross purposes with the program. Please respect that in yourself and do what you are more aligned with now rather than take on a program that causes you more stress.

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