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2 Big Things That Get in the Way of Self Healing

If self healing is something you are focusing on, then congratulations! You are a step ahead of most people. Becoming the person you want to be is not something that happens over night. It is a process, but a rewarding one. While working on self healing, make sure that these two things do not get in your way.


1. Negative Thoughts

Nothing is more harmful to personal development and internal peace than negative thoughts that clutter your mind. Comparing yourself to others, envying people’s lives, and focusing on everything that is wrong with you instead of right are all easy traps to fall into. An excellent way to eliminate negative thoughts is to make it a point to meditate on a daily basis. As strange as it sounds, repeating the words, “I love and accept myself truly and completely” will train your brain until you actually begin to believe it. Once you can start focusing on everything good about yourself you can begin to make strides.

2. Daily Distractions

We all lead busy lives with many things that demand our attention. But when those things begin to rob from your own much-needed solitude and rest, you begin to deteriorate and personal development is put on the back burner. Set aside a certain amount of time each day to focus on yourself, your spirit, and your mind. If you aren’t able to keep yourself at your best, you can’t be the best asset you can be to others. Develop a new skill, read everyday, study a language, or overcome a fear. Every day brings a new opportunity to do something we had not before.

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Sense your Spirituality

Everyone of us has stress in our daily lives, especially in today’s day and age. There is no doubt about that, not even for a split second. Stress truly does affects our health in many ways. It can lead to very serious problems, that can be quite detrimental to one’s body. If we have something more to believe in, such as spirituality, then maybe it would make all the difference in the world.


We all hear that laughter is the best medicine, a time honored cliché that persists because of how much healing power is derived from laughter, happiness, and general positivity.

Now, if you try your absolute best to believe in more than just material things, it can help your spirit rise above illnesses. Your emotional needs count just as much as anything else. Possibly more than you think…

Of course, having good lab test results is important too, but conquering the fear… that is the next best thing you can do for yourself as a whole. A lot of doctors will even agree. Finding that balance, discovering that serene place, that sense of complete and total peace will be something for you to embrace with open arms. 

As you can see, your outlook can affect a lot more than you even realize. So, for more information, please feel free to contact us. Having an open mind and taking advice in a difficult situation can make all the difference in having those great results!

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5 Medical Conditions that Trigger Headaches

Most people get headaches. They usually last for a few hours and go away. Tension, tiredness, excessive consumption of alcohol, heat exhaustion and a smokey environment are typically the underlying culprits. With rest or an aspirin, these headaches dissipate. However, the ones that linger on represent other medical issues. Recognize them and get closer to a cure.


Five medical conditions that trigger headaches:

  • Acute Glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disease that deteriorates optic nerve fibers. Without treatment, the sufferer has vision loss. Pressure behind the eye elicits pain and headaches.
  • Sinusitis. Sinusitis is membrane lining inflammation of the air spaces in the skull. It is usually a result of a common cold. Congestion (stuffiness) creates pressure in the cranial cavity. 
  • Bruising of the Brain. Brain ‘bruising’ describes damage to the skull or internal membrane. This type of injury is often the aftermath of a minor blow. Symptoms of this affliction include a headache, confusion, sleepiness, and vomiting.
  • Temporal Arteritis. Temporal Arteritis is (head) arterial inflammation. Signs are throbbing at the temple and blurred vision. This condition affects males over the age of fifty more so than females. 
  • Muscle strain. Muscle strain is a direct result of overextended muscle tissue. It occurs due to poor posture or extreme physical activity. Pain medication prescribed by a doctor or purchased over-the-counter can cause head pain. Why? If not taken as directed, a rebound headache occurs.

In conclusion, the above spur on headaches. Resolving these medical conditions relieves head pain. Get more on this topic and other health issues, by contacting us.


Five Health Benefits of Pumpkin, Just in Time for Fall

Fall is upon us, and that means a few delicious things – Pumpkin Spice, jack-o-lanterns, and the sweet smell of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day.


But did you know that there are a plethora of pumpkin health benefits and uses? Here are five that blew us out of the water, and will surely get you psyched about getting your pumpkin on this Fall.

1. It Packs a Wallop of a Nutritional Punch in a Tiny Package

A cup of steamed pumpkin carries only 49 calories, 12g of carbohydrates, and 2g of sugar – but along with that is 245% of your daily recommended Vitamin A, 19% of your Vitamin C, and 16% of your  Potassium. Plus, it’s darned tasty (see point 4 for proof).

2. Pumpkin Seeds Are Awesome For Your Heart

Looking for a new snack food to keep in your purse or at the office? Move over almonds, hello pumpkin seeds! These babies are pumped with the amino acid tryptophan, important in production of serotonin and phytosterols which have been shown to reduce LDL (that’s your “bad” cholesterol, for those of you taking notes). 

3. It Helps Keep Your Skin Gorgeous

Along with the other nutrients that pumpkin is packed with come carotenoids, a class of free radical neutralizing pigments. Eating pumpkin will help your skin stay luscious and smooth, and not just through fall – we’re talking in the decades to come.

4. It Can Be Transformed Into Just About Any Food

With all those health benefits at hand, you’re going to be looking for dozens of new recipes. Pumpkin Biscuits,Pumpkin SalsaPumpkin Cannelloni, and even Pumpkin Vodka

5. You Can Whip All Those Health Benefits Into Beauty Products

Why stop with eating pumpkin when you can slather it on, too? Pumpkin can be used to make face masks, body scrubs, hair masks, and just about any other DIY beauty product you can imagine. We’re especially into this Pumpkin Body Butter – what better way to welcome fall than to slather on a creamy coating of the mascot of Autumn itself?

Have you stocked up on some fresh pumpkins yet? Be sure to contact us when you’ve loaded the pantry with pumpkins and started on your grand pumpkin journey – who knows! Maybe you’ll be the next to come up with some divine pumpkin wonder.

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Finally! A Health Tip You Can Do With Your Eyes Closed

Most people keep themselves healthy with nutrition and exercise, but may be ignoring another physical need for optimal health. This piece of the whole health puzzle is so easy you can do it in your sleep, literally. We’re talking about your sleep pattern and how it affects the rest of your day, and your ongoing health.


Do you toss and turn at night? Hit the snooze button on your alarm, or stay up way too late and get too little sleep? Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is essential for peak everyday function. Your overall health is truly depending on it, maybe even more than you realize. 

Most adults require a solid seven to nine hours of sleep to be at their best, while teens and children need even more. The list of health benefits from sleep is endless, with a few highlights provided below:

  • Improved memory, which is great if you are learning a new skill, especially on the job. 
  • Helps to restore your creative flow.
  • Sharpens your attention to all those little details that you were missing before. You’ll be amazed!
  • Maintain a healthy body weight or lose a few pounds, due to better hormonal balancing.
  • Help balance your mood, avoid depressive episodes, and reduce irritability.

Insomnia, snoring, and sleep apnea all negatively affect the quality of sleep you get, making them crucial problems to address and resolve. Sleep does a lot more than just removing dark circles under your eyes; it improves various parts of your brain and promotes healing. Plus, you won’t need to fill up on excess caffeine or flirt with a sugar high (and impending sugar crash!).

Ready to take charge of your sleep schedule and your health? Take the eligibility survey and get started on your conscious healing journey today. You’ll be dreaming and off to REM sleep before you know it.


Healing Yourself the Hippocratic Way

Everyone has heard of the Hippocratic oath which is taken by medical students before embarking on their course of study.  By taking this oath, doctors promise to give medical aid to anyone who needs it, without distinguishing between them in any way.  The Hippocratic oath is basically a statement of ethics in the medical profession.  It is said to have been written by an ancient Greek physician named Hippocrates who embodied everything good about the medical profession.

Healing = Time + Opportunity

Hippocrates is also quoted as saying, “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”  Most of us who have ever suffered from any disease, no matter how small or large, know this to be true.  Even when it comes to the common cold, you do have to give it a few days to pass.  You can’t expect it to go immediately when you start treating it.

And yet, time is not the only thing which leads to healing.  You also have to treat the cold.  You can take over-the-counter medication or try herbal remedies.  You can practice steam inhalation or irrigate your nasal passages with the yogic practice of jal neti.  You need to take every opportunity for healing which presents itself to you.

Similarly, you need to create opportunities to avoid the things which will result in a worsening of the cold.  For example, you can’t let yourself be surrounded by smokers or all that passive smoking will clog your nasal passages.

Psychosomatic Elements of Illness

The idea, when you’re trying to heal anything, is to do the best you can and then give it time to take effect.  But often, when you’re trying to give something time, you find  yourself feeling impatient.  This is especially true if you’re suffering from a long-term disease.

Fretting about the results of your treatment can actually result in a worsening of your symptoms.  This is what is often called psychosomatic or psychophysiological illness.  The state of your mind affects the state of your body.

There are illnesses which are completely psychosomatic but most illnesses just have an element of it.

Options to Improve Your State of Mind

You may not be able to heal yourself completely by improving your state of mind.  However, you can at least aid your recovery a little bit by maintaining a cheerful demeanor.  In order to improve your state of mind, you have many options.  Yoga, meditation, taking walks, listening to music, or enjoying a great piece of art can all help you to improve your state of mind.  Enjoying the company of your near and dear ones and talking to them about what’s on your mind can also help to hasten your recovery.

Just keep the words of Hippocrates in mind and take every opportunity possible to make yourself feel better and become healthier.

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Self-Healing Through Disease: Cancer and Dengue Fever


One of the more intriguing things about cancer is that some patients spontaneously recover from even the most aggressive of cancers. Huge tumors have been documented to just shrink away, and extensive metastases have simply vanished. Overall, the rate of documented spontaneous recovery is quite low – only around 1 out of 100,000 cases – but it’s higher than zero and therefore there is always hope, no matter how grim the doctor’s prognosis.

Activate the Immune System

In many of these cases of spontaneous recovery the patient contracted some kind of disease or infection just before the recovery. A recent collection of 46 spontaneous recoveries from leukemia documented the occurrence of a high fever in more than 90% of the cases immediately before their cancer went into remission. In most, but not all of the patients, the fever was due to pneumonia. Other patients experiencing spontaneous remission have been documented as having contracted a wide assortment of diseases before the remission: flu, malaria, diphtheria, measles, smallpox. In some cases, simply being vaccinated against a disease has been sufficient to trigger a cancer remission.

Researchers think that the disease process itself is not important. What is important is that the infection or vaccine is activating the immune system. The fully activated immune system, on the warpath, seems to suddenly notice the cancer that has been hiding in the body and turns on it, too, in addition to going after the cause of the original infection. 

These case reports have led to many efforts by doctors and patients to trigger self-healing by activating the immune system. For example, doctors have deliberately induced fevers in patients with melanoma by injecting them with interleukins. Patients who developed high fevers survived almost twice as long as patients who either did not develop fevers or who treated their fevers with over-the-counter medications. 

Dengue Fever

One company is infecting patients with dengue fever as part of a cancer treatment. Dengue fever is caused by a virus transmitted by infected mosquitoes. One of its key symptoms is a high fever. Most individuals recover without complications from dengue fever, but around 1% of those infected can go on to develop a hemorrhagic fever that occasionally can be fatal. Of course, the company is hoping to use the uncomplicated high fever and avoid cases of hemorrhagic fever. Dengue fever cannot be transmitted directly from person to person and therefore cancer patients who have been deliberately infected pose no threat to doctors, friends, or family. 

Dengue fever is an interesting disease. It causes a high fever and seems to reset the immune system. At the same time, it causes no lasting damage or complications in most people, and some doctors have stated that the common cold kills more people than does dengue fever. 

The plan is to vaccinate cancer patients against their tumors, and then infect them with dengue fever to activate and re-set their immune systems. Preliminary results have not yet been reported. However, if it works, it’s possible that we can change the number of spontaneous cancer recoveries through self healing from 1 out of 100,000 to a much higher number. Most people would gladly suffer through a few days of fever and aches in order to become cancer-free. 

We assist cancer victims and their families, in addition to helping clients through many other transitions and stages of life. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our services. 

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Focus on Spirituality

Spirituality is very much needed in our current society.  There is an increasing amount of focus on fitness and nutrition, but not as much on spirituality.  In order for someone to be truly healthy, spirituality must be taken into account as well.


Spirituality comes in a wide range of forms.  For some, it can be simply going to a church, mosque, or temple. For others, it may involve communing with nature or meditation.  Music listening or simply being creative is spiritual as well for many people.  Whatever transports the mind to a place beyond ordinary thoughts and stresses of the mind is effective in creating better overall health.  

Spirituality aides one in finding purpose, reducing stress, and in evolving as a person.  These things are what truly lead to a happiness that is enduring.  In our current society, the tendency is to base happiness on wealth, other people, and things.  The problem with this is that all of those things can change at any given point, and then the happiness would be gone as well.  Spirituality puts one in touch with the true self, which is unmoved by the influences of those around us.  It allows for a connection to be established with the Creator within, so that we have more clarity about which direction to go when one of life’s crossroads is reached.  Better decision-making skills result when made from the viewpoint of the Creator.  The spiritual self is at the root cause of afflictions, so it makes sense to get to the root of the issue, instead of just treating the outer reflection of things.  The truth is that we are not simply biological machines.  That is one part of the equation, but it is definitely not the only or most important aspect.

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Using Smells to Improve Quality of Life


Not surprisingly, many individuals diagnosed with cancer experience significant psychological distress. Relieving these feelings is very important. Psychological distress has a profound negative impact on quality of life, and it also has a profound negative impact on hard cancer outcomes such as survival. Happy, positive-thinking cancer patients live longer, do better, and have a much better chance of going into remission- permanently.


Of course, just telling cancer patients to be happy is completely ineffective. Cognitive behavioral therapy is often used to help patients improve their mental outlook. An interesting study published several years ago reported that aromatherapy/massage was almost as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy in reducing depression and relieving anxiety in cancer patients. 

The sense of smell is an ancient sense. Unlike our other senses, the sense of smell directly activates parts of the brain without any conscious input or processing required. Smells we can’t even consciously detect can re-set our menstrual cycles and cause us to fall in love. Most people have had the experience of powerful emotions or strong memories being triggered by a lingering scent. It is, therefore, not surprising that smells can be used to alter brain function and moods. 

Some cancer centers in the UK have responded by offering aromatherapy to patients. Aromasticks can be used to relieve nausea, reduce anxiety, and help patients sleep better. Aromatherapy is well-advanced in the UK, with around 40% of cancer patients reporting its use. Doctors and nurses support it and often provide the aromasticks or advice about the use of essential oils for symptom relief. 

Quality of Life and Health

It is clear that aromatherapy can help improve quality of life in cancer patients. It relieves stress, reduces anxiety, and helps patients deal with symptoms. It also seems to improve health. For example, colorectal cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy who received aromatherapy experienced measurable improvements in immune function.  

When simply inhaled or used lightly in topical applications, essential oils are generally quite safe. The only adverse events associated with aromatherapy involve patients who ingest the oils or who apply very large quantities of the oils to their skin, neither of which is a standard practice in aromatherapy. Occasionally, a patient will experience an allergic reaction to a particular essential oil. 

If you’ve been wondering what to get as a gift for a friend or family member who is fighting cancer, now you know. A set of essential oils or some aromasticks will do far more good than yet another fruit basket or potted plant.

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Disease Prevention Via Spirituality and Awe

A new Berkeley Study reports that spirituality may help prevent disease through the power of awe.


Spirituality, nature, and art have been found to help prevent chronic disease through the power of awe. The feeling of awe is not studied as often as other emotions, but perhaps after the findings of this UC Berkeley study, which was published in the journal Emotion, more researchers will show an interest in exploring all facets of awe.

How Does Spirituality Prevent Disease?

One of the ways that spirituality protects the body from disease is by leading to experiences in which you feel awe. As reported by the Berkeley study, awe is linked to lower levels of cytokines. High levels of cytokines cause inflammation in the body, only beneficial sometimes for fighting off actual diseases.

However, it’s common knowledge that inflammation can also be harmful when it’s not needed. For one, if the inflammation in your body is the result of stress, you end up in worse shape. Higher levels of cytokines are also connected with heart disease, depression, autoimmune disorders, and Alzheimer’s.

How Did This Study Learn About the Impact of Awe?

Berkeley tested how awe affects physical health by tracking how often two different groups of young adults experienced awe (and other positive emotions, such as amusement, joy, pride, compassion, and contentment) on a given day. The researchers measured the cytokine levels of the study participants by taking gum and cheek tissue samples on the same day.

What Does Previous Research Have to Say About Awe?

Before this UC Berkeley study on the correlation between awe and cytokines, past research has indicated that feelings of awe can trigger personal transformation, develop a sense of having enough time in the day, and elevate creative thinking. Many personal accounts of spirituality have claimed that spirituality has affected them in these ways as well.

Other studies on positive feelings in general have also reported a connection between positive emotions and various aspects of health, including reduced inflammation, improved heart health, and longer life spans.

If you have any sort of health problem, it can’t hurt to give spirituality, nature, or art a chance at relieving your pain. In fact, these three often go together and are probably most powerful when all three are combined in your day-to-day life.

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