Healing Takes Mindfulness Work

Cancer. When a doctor gives you or a loved one that diagnosis, it can be overwhelming. Your mind may race with questions or “what ifs.” You may doubt yourself and your ability to beat the odds.


It is also common to experience a wide range of emotions — and struggle with these emotions — upon receiving and coping with a cancer diagnosis. Fear, frustration, isolation, hopelessness, helplessness, despair, lack of control, dissatisfaction and disempowerment may describe some of these difficult feelings.

You may feel angry about your ability to manage these emotions, especially when comparing them to how you want to feel. And you may feel angry about your emotional capacity to effectively face your cancer diagnosis, versus how you expect yourself to face the diagnosis. You may also lash out at others in frustration about this and other challenges that you face.

A cancer diagnosis may put you in a situation where you are forced to consider putting your health and bodily welfare on the top of your priority list. You may feel uncomfortable with this situation, but as difficult as it may be for you, it is an opportunity for you to re-prioritize your life.

Think about it. These challenges force you to consider how you really want your life to be. What do you value? What are your dreams? A cancer diagnosis is about more than fighting a disease. You’ve been given an opportunity to make choices about what you want your best life to look like.

The trick with all this is retraining yourself to prioritize your health and good life above all else. This starts with getting rid of poor habits that have eroded your thought patterns. You will do well to recapture the strength of your mind and refocus it on creating healthy beliefs, thoughts and attitudes that can bring positive power back into your emotions and feelings. Using mindfulness to manage your inner strength can make manifest your healthy, best life.

Accepting your current situation and making the decision to improve upon it is the first step on this Conscious Cancer Journey.

Although it may very well be possible to make life changes and heal from cancer on one’s own, consider the approach of athletes who decide to work with coaches to achieve success. This same option is available to those who struggle with chronic illness, like cancer.

Partnering with a veteran coach can help you create the healthy life of your dreams! A coach can assist you in developing mindful habits to harness your inner power and focus it on manifesting your best life. 

To find out more about how you can embark upon The Conscious Cancer Journey, contact coach Melanie Brown.

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