Does Colon Health Matter?


If you  haven’t tried a colon cleanse yet, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. When it comes to our intestines, it’s not an easy subject – but did you know that nearly 70% of your immune system lives there?! We want to live better, fuller, healthier lives, which means we can’t afford to ignore our colon health.

Cleansing your colon is beneficial to your overall health. It is an alternative medical therapy that removes toxins from your colon and intestinal tract. The practice dates back to ancient Greece. The premise of natural colon cleansing is a belief that undigested foods cause mucus to build up in your colon. The buildup produces toxins which may enter your blood stream and poison your body. Information about current colon cleansing methods is below.

Colon Cleansing Methods

Supplements: You can take some supplements orally and others you can take through your rectum. The products are available in grocery stores and pharmacies. Options include an enema, special teas, and laxatives.

Colonic: A colon hydrotherapist performs the procedure while you lie on a table. A low-pressure pump flushes water through a small tube inserted into your rectum. The therapist massages your abdomen after the water is in and then you release it during a regular bowel movement.

Colon Cleanse Benefits

Some of the symptoms that indicate you may need a colon cleansing are constipation, bad breath, aches, fatigue, body odor and acne. Our 6 favorite potential benefits of a good colon cleanse follow.

1. Effective Digestion System: A cleansed colon pushes undigested waste through smoothly and easily.

2. Regularity: Colon cleansing helps to maintain regularity and prevent constipation.

3. Increased Energy: The release of toxins helps to rejuvenate your body. The detoxification may improve blood circulation, alleviate insomnia and boost your energy.

4. Absorption of Nutrients: A cleansed colon allows more vitamins and other nutrients to absorb into your bloodstream. Once it is free from toxins, these essential nutrients can filter in freely.

5. Weight Loss: A cleansing increases your metabolism and removes mucus that sticks to your intestinal walls and weighs down the tract. An empty colon is lighter than a clogged one, and more efficient.

6. Reflex Points: A cleansing stimulates the reflex points of your colon and affects corresponding body parts in a positive way.

This is only one step on a journey to a better life and a healthier you.

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