3 Teas to Include in Your New Healthy Lifestyle

With the abundance of knowledge we have about tea, we now know that there are so many more reasons to drink it other than its flavor. Many teas offer excellent health benefits and these are the three best teas to include in your new healthy lifestyle. You will certainly be drinking more tea after reading this!


Mint Tea

Mint is not only a delicious tea flavor, it is packed with health benefits. Drinking mint or peppermint tea alleviates nausea, heartburn, and indigestion while soothing the digestive tract. It is an excellent tea to drink on a daily basis for pregnant women who deal with nausea.

Chia Tea

Chai is a very popular tea drink in homes and coffeehouses thanks to its delectable taste. Aside from its rich flavor and recipe variations, chai is made with ginger which boosts the immune system, improves circulation, and aids people suffering from arthritis. The fennel that is put in chai provides potassium, fiber, and vitamin C. Additionally, all the other ingredients in chai serve a purpose in providing certain health benefits. 

Green Tea

Green tea is the king of all teas for wellness. Not only can you enjoy a refreshing, iced green tea on a hot day, but you can optimize your health with it. This tea has been widely studied and found to have antioxidants that prevent stomach, lung, breast, and bladder cancers. It also reduces stress, increases energy and alertness, and boosts mental clarity.  

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