2 Big Things That Get in the Way of Self Healing

If self healing is something you are focusing on, then congratulations! You are a step ahead of most people. Becoming the person you want to be is not something that happens over night. It is a process, but a rewarding one. While working on self healing, make sure that these two things do not get in your way.


1. Negative Thoughts

Nothing is more harmful to personal development and internal peace than negative thoughts that clutter your mind. Comparing yourself to others, envying people’s lives, and focusing on everything that is wrong with you instead of right are all easy traps to fall into. An excellent way to eliminate negative thoughts is to make it a point to meditate on a daily basis. As strange as it sounds, repeating the words, “I love and accept myself truly and completely” will train your brain until you actually begin to believe it. Once you can start focusing on everything good about yourself you can begin to make strides.

2. Daily Distractions

We all lead busy lives with many things that demand our attention. But when those things begin to rob from your own much-needed solitude and rest, you begin to deteriorate and personal development is put on the back burner. Set aside a certain amount of time each day to focus on yourself, your spirit, and your mind. If you aren’t able to keep yourself at your best, you can’t be the best asset you can be to others. Develop a new skill, read everyday, study a language, or overcome a fear. Every day brings a new opportunity to do something we had not before.

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