Healing Yourself the Hippocratic Way

Everyone has heard of the Hippocratic oath which is taken by medical students before embarking on their course of study.  By taking this oath, doctors promise to give medical aid to anyone who needs it, without distinguishing between them in any way.  The Hippocratic oath is basically a statement of ethics in the medical profession.  It is said to have been written by an ancient Greek physician named Hippocrates who embodied everything good about the medical profession.

Healing = Time + Opportunity

Hippocrates is also quoted as saying, “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”  Most of us who have ever suffered from any disease, no matter how small or large, know this to be true.  Even when it comes to the common cold, you do have to give it a few days to pass.  You can’t expect it to go immediately when you start treating it.

And yet, time is not the only thing which leads to healing.  You also have to treat the cold.  You can take over-the-counter medication or try herbal remedies.  You can practice steam inhalation or irrigate your nasal passages with the yogic practice of jal neti.  You need to take every opportunity for healing which presents itself to you.

Similarly, you need to create opportunities to avoid the things which will result in a worsening of the cold.  For example, you can’t let yourself be surrounded by smokers or all that passive smoking will clog your nasal passages.

Psychosomatic Elements of Illness

The idea, when you’re trying to heal anything, is to do the best you can and then give it time to take effect.  But often, when you’re trying to give something time, you find  yourself feeling impatient.  This is especially true if you’re suffering from a long-term disease.

Fretting about the results of your treatment can actually result in a worsening of your symptoms.  This is what is often called psychosomatic or psychophysiological illness.  The state of your mind affects the state of your body.

There are illnesses which are completely psychosomatic but most illnesses just have an element of it.

Options to Improve Your State of Mind

You may not be able to heal yourself completely by improving your state of mind.  However, you can at least aid your recovery a little bit by maintaining a cheerful demeanor.  In order to improve your state of mind, you have many options.  Yoga, meditation, taking walks, listening to music, or enjoying a great piece of art can all help you to improve your state of mind.  Enjoying the company of your near and dear ones and talking to them about what’s on your mind can also help to hasten your recovery.

Just keep the words of Hippocrates in mind and take every opportunity possible to make yourself feel better and become healthier.

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