Focus on Spirituality

Spirituality is very much needed in our current society.  There is an increasing amount of focus on fitness and nutrition, but not as much on spirituality.  In order for someone to be truly healthy, spirituality must be taken into account as well.


Spirituality comes in a wide range of forms.  For some, it can be simply going to a church, mosque, or temple. For others, it may involve communing with nature or meditation.  Music listening or simply being creative is spiritual as well for many people.  Whatever transports the mind to a place beyond ordinary thoughts and stresses of the mind is effective in creating better overall health.  

Spirituality aides one in finding purpose, reducing stress, and in evolving as a person.  These things are what truly lead to a happiness that is enduring.  In our current society, the tendency is to base happiness on wealth, other people, and things.  The problem with this is that all of those things can change at any given point, and then the happiness would be gone as well.  Spirituality puts one in touch with the true self, which is unmoved by the influences of those around us.  It allows for a connection to be established with the Creator within, so that we have more clarity about which direction to go when one of life’s crossroads is reached.  Better decision-making skills result when made from the viewpoint of the Creator.  The spiritual self is at the root cause of afflictions, so it makes sense to get to the root of the issue, instead of just treating the outer reflection of things.  The truth is that we are not simply biological machines.  That is one part of the equation, but it is definitely not the only or most important aspect.

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