Finally! A Health Tip You Can Do With Your Eyes Closed

Most people keep themselves healthy with nutrition and exercise, but may be ignoring another physical need for optimal health. This piece of the whole health puzzle is so easy you can do it in your sleep, literally. We’re talking about your sleep pattern and how it affects the rest of your day, and your ongoing health.


Do you toss and turn at night? Hit the snooze button on your alarm, or stay up way too late and get too little sleep? Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is essential for peak everyday function. Your overall health is truly depending on it, maybe even more than you realize. 

Most adults require a solid seven to nine hours of sleep to be at their best, while teens and children need even more. The list of health benefits from sleep is endless, with a few highlights provided below:

  • Improved memory, which is great if you are learning a new skill, especially on the job. 
  • Helps to restore your creative flow.
  • Sharpens your attention to all those little details that you were missing before. You’ll be amazed!
  • Maintain a healthy body weight or lose a few pounds, due to better hormonal balancing.
  • Help balance your mood, avoid depressive episodes, and reduce irritability.

Insomnia, snoring, and sleep apnea all negatively affect the quality of sleep you get, making them crucial problems to address and resolve. Sleep does a lot more than just removing dark circles under your eyes; it improves various parts of your brain and promotes healing. Plus, you won’t need to fill up on excess caffeine or flirt with a sugar high (and impending sugar crash!).

Ready to take charge of your sleep schedule and your health? Take the eligibility survey and get started on your conscious healing journey today. You’ll be dreaming and off to REM sleep before you know it.